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Back to School Do's and Don'ts


It's that time of the year again. It’s back-to-school season! You’ll have to yank your kids out of bed because waking while it's still dark out is now foreign to them. Packing lunches and gathering school supplies is your new hobby for the next 10 months. Plus, everyone loves a good temper tantrum. Back to school may not be the most anticipated time of the year, but it can run smoothly with a few simple do's and don'ts.

DON’T stress over the little things. Your kids will feed off your energy. If you are stressed, everyone will be stressed. This leads to decreased productivity. DON’T let back-to-school season get in the way of family time. Regaining structure isn’t easy after a break, but you can get through it with a few tricks.

DO prepare ahead of time. When lunches are made, and clothes are laid out the night before, mornings become easier. You are less stressed, and in return, your kids will be to. DO get in a routine. Preparing is great, but routines have to remain consistent. Bed times should be mandatory. Get your child used to going to bed at a certain time. DO make these tips a priority and watch this school year go swimmingly.

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